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CowParade Postcard Book

CowParade Postcard Book
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About the CowParade Postcard Book. The CowParade Postcard book features twenty-six (26) beautifully illustrated postcards. Each card features a cow from one CowParade's 70 plus events. Remove the cards and use them as Postcards. Or keep the book intact - it makes a great coffe-table book, conversation piece or journal. A must have for the CowParde fan and collector.

Highest Quality Prints. The cows come to life in the 26 original illustrations beautifully reproduced on smooth, fine art card stock. The book is published by Birdcage Press, an award-winning publisher of postcard books as well as educational games and books on art, history and wildlife. The supporting illustrations were created by graphic artist Kimberly Nelson for Birdcage Press

Size. The book and individual cards are 6.5" long x 4.5" wide.

Featured Cows. On the back of each card is the name of the cow, artist and CowParade city. The featured cows include -

*Super Cow, West Hartford, USA
*Meditating Cow, Stockholm, Sweden
*Mooing in the Rain, Atlanta, USA
*Moo Zoo, Houston, USA
*Cross Country Cow, Denver, USA
*Angínka, Bratislava, Slovakia
*Cookies & Cream, Houston, USA
*No. 2 Cow, West Orange, USA
*Ni Mu, Buenos Aires, Argentina
*Self-Portrait, Warsaw, Poland
*Cow!, Boston, USA
*Vaquérrima, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

and more....