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Evil Eye Cow (Museum Edition)

Evil Eye Cow (Museum Edition)
Item Number: 46720
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Artist: Berrin Bul
Event: CowParade Istanbul 2007
Type: Resin
Size: The Museum Edition (Large, 12" x 3.5" x 8")
Intro Date: Spring 2012
Packaging: NEW Packaging

About The Evil Eye
The Evil Eye Cow is from CowParade Istanbul, Turkey. Painted in gold-leaf pain and adorned with vibrant blue eyes, this piece is not only beautiful, she wards off evil.

The Evil Eye bead is an amulet that Turkish people believe protects against the Evil Eye: a kind of negative power or bad energy that even well-intentioned compliments include a conscious or unconscious dose of envy and resentment. As in many cultures, Turks believe the envy of others can cause harm and that with the evil eye amulet all the bad energy will be directed to the amulet. The concept of the "evil" or envious eye is recognized by many cultures and religions, including the Mexican, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish and German cultures and Christianity, Islam and Judiasm.