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CowParading Cow (RETIRED)

CowParading Cow (RETIRED)
Item Number: 47323
In Stock
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Arist: Eric Waugh
Sponsor: McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
Event: CowParade Atlanta 2003
Size: The Collection (Medium, 6"x2.5"x4.5")
Type: Ceramic

Condition: NEW

About this Special: This cow is in perfect condition. Her box may have a few nicks and scratches.

CowParading Cow: Colorful, geometric cows are 'on parade' on this one-of-a- kind piece by artist Eric Waugh. The outlines of the cityscape and cows are raised, giving the design a unique texture and three-dmensional effect.

Eric Waugh is one of the most recognizable and collected artists throughout North America selling more than over 40,000 original works World Wide in the past 24 years.

Waugh works primarily in acrylics on a variety of surfaces, adding embellishments such as acrylic textures, metallic paints and pens, and watercolor pencils. With his masterful use of vibrant colors, rich textures, and lively subject matter, Waugh’s fun yet sophisticated art celebrates life. Waugh’s artistic themes embrace the excitement and energy of urban life, romance, music, pets, and still life, and reflect his own heartfelt passion for the arts and his appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Waugh’s art reveals his own positive and enthusiastic outlook.