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Hugs & Smooches

Hugs & Smooches
Item Number: 9176 DD
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Artist: Susan Rooney
Event:CowParade New York 2000
Type: Ceramic. Product No. 9176
Size: The Collection (Medium, 4" x 6")
Auction Price of Life-Size Original: $26,000
Packaging: Mint. White Box.

Rare. 1 Available

About this Cow: Look carefully at this hand painted piece: In place of the standard spots, this bovine wears oversize white Xs and Os on her black hide. The artist, Susan M. Rooney, is a graphic designer whose work appears on greeting cards, gift wrapping, and textiles and in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her intent with Hugs & Smooches was to express a playful message of affection in the form of a cow.